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Problem Statement of Digital and Social Education

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Every day new apps and digital tools emerge. Do you know them all? Can you keep up? Do you really understand the need for children to virtually connect? Who will teach them how to navigate in this digital world?

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Children want to play, learn and grow together, even when they're not at school. In the virtual world, social interactions happen around the clock, every day of the year. To these 'digital natives', these interactions are truly real.

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How can we make use of the advantages of social online learning without allowing our youngest, most vulnerable children of 3 to 12 years to roam around unsupervised on websites and apps that might not be appropriate for them?

Main Goals of sCool

  • goals counters-04.pngIntegrating social and digital literacy into the primary school curriculum and the free flow of knowledge between children, involving parents and supported by teachers to stimulate 'flipped learning'. 

  • goals counters-05.pngInnovative learning methods that focus on individual talent and progress. Project work, collaborative learning and social integration; stimulated by social learning communities.  

  • goals counters-06.pngUsing sCool as a platform for the integration of other digital initiatives in schools. We already integrate Microsoft 365 for education and explore the integration with CRM and other administrative tools. 

How sCool tackles Digital and Social Education

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A Safe Social Learning Platform

You play, learn and grow together at school and that shouldn't end when school is closed. With sCool you take a little piece of your school home with you. Take responsibility for your own agenda, upload preparations for your homework in your digital backpack or ask advice from peer students or teachers. Have fun when you share media and news with friends using your own safe "Facebook-like" app, or search the BookWiki for a good read liked by your friends. sCool is Cool!

National Curriculum, e-Safety and Digital Education

When implementing digital education and teaching e-safety, schools see many challenges. Social media sites can add value when used in class however safety of those new media can be an issue. sCool offers Social Learning  Labs and Teaching Materials to help schools educating students from 3 to 11 years old. 

Safe online with Tips & Tricks

Safe at sCool is both from a technical and human point of view. Choosing a good password is one thing, knowing the risks of sharing pictures online is also important. The Web has many traps for young children. Our Our Safe&Net content offers free advice, games and videos in collaboration with experts in Child Protection and e-Safety.

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