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Java'sCool: Kids Generated Content

Java'sCool is a new European project by sCoolEDU; with the intention to share and spread the knowledge by children, to other children. Pupils answer to challenges to show their view on the world and how to improve it; guided by several different themes, such as Talents, Healthy Food, and Integration.
They have much to say about it all and would like to show their view to the world in a creative way. This is now enabled through the so-called "Kids Generated Content" platform. Children form their own creative answers -individually, with their parents or at school- to a challenge, for example with a video or animation. We send these messages out into the world through our Java'sCool platform. 
Our goal is to make more ideas -by children- visible in the traditional media channels. We challenge all children to collaborate on a better world, by voicing their opinions with other children in Europe, straight from their trusted sCool-environment. 

This project was realised with the support of CreatiFI (EU) and VRT Sandbox

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