The sCool Playground is the center of a sCool community, where children come to have fun and learn together. Playing games, talking, sharing thoughts - it is all just as much part of the digital Playground as it is the physical one.


Safe & Net is a personal favourite of our sCool team. This icon will link you to our support community where students, teachers and administrators will find tools, tips and tricks on good (safe) internet use. But not just boring reading, no. There will be videos, knowledge wikis, and most of all: fun, educational games. We even included a page on to learn how to code, just like us.


With the the integrated class Calendar, you will never forget your paper agenda again.
Children take control of their own schedules and learn to plan both at school and in their free time, when they integrate both the School and Class agenda in their Dashboard. Homework, ballet lessons, football practice: it all fits neatly in there. They will never be late or double book again. 

The People tool will help you connect to your digital sCool-mates. Are you new in the school or just looking for new buddies who also like to play football? On our "Who is Who?" page you can instantly find and make new friends with the same hobbies and interests as you. As an added bonus, you can see who's online and available for a chat. You will never feel lonely while logged in on sCool.
Hanging out on the Playground is fun, but sometimes there is a need for some formality within each class group. Teachers want to hang out in a coffee room? We may not be able to offer coffee, but we can give them a Virtual Teachers Lounge to enable them to share and connect. That's where our Spaces tool comes in handy. 
Want to share a thought with your classmates, but not with the whole sCool? Need to ask a question regarding your homework? Or just upload your homework for the teacher to see? All those things are possible in your own Digital Classroom, where you can find your backpack, wikis and blogs for learning, learning materials and so on.
Plus, you can completely customise your classroom together with your teacher. You can easily decorate the walls; just like in real life. Cool, right?

You probably have loads of great ideas to make your school a better place or maybe you have a relevant question you want to ask your fellow pupils or teachers? On sCool you'll find the Forums, where you can discuss things, propose new ideas, ask questions and more.

It's no wonder student councils love to use it: now all pupils can submit their own ideas for discussion on how to improve life both on sCool and at school. It's democracy at work!


Many children (and adults) dream of being a genuine reporter. Our sCoolPaper tool gives them exactly that opportunity! 
Being a reporter for the paper allows pupils te deploy a wide array of educational skills; such as writing, creating media content, planning ahead, editorial and reading skills, interviewing and posing questions, and so on. 

Maybe one day, your article, video or interview will shine on the front page and be submitted for a Cool prize "Kids Generated Content" on Java'sCool

The BookWiki is the place where you can show off your book reports. Say ou've read a book and made an amazing creative presentation about it, for example in a Prezi. Now you can upload it to the BookWiki, so others can take a look at your report and get inspired by your work. 
On top of that, you can leave a review for the book you just read. If you liked it, feel free to give the book a high star rating! That way, other students will know you recommend it and might give it a try.
Blogs aren't just fun, but also a great tool for any sCool-community. For example, children can become real-life reporters in the sCoolPaper blog and show off their writing skills. At the same time, blogs are being used in the classroom for showing off Talents or reporting on the Daily News. Teachers and students can collaborate to create an amazing blog about the daily runnings of their class and present themselves to the world.
Wikis are the backbone of building an online knowledge database. Community members can build and share knowledge, which will never be lost again. Here you can refine your search to find exactly what you need from the wide range of information, almost like your very own encyclopedia.
Classes make Wikis about music, cooking, books, languages, science, learning and so on.
There are even wikis about social media and digital games!
The Share-a-Thought tool is both versatile and fun. These activity streams, like timelines on other social media, make a sCool community truly social with quick thoughts, pictures, messages and updates.
Want to go out for pizza tonight or did you just see a cool video you want to share? This is where you post it. It is the heart of any space or playground, always buzzing with activity.
Every member of a sCool community has their own Backpack. This personal folder in the classroom is an unlimited space for all your digital homework, files and creations. No need to bring a physical USB-stick to school and inevitably losing it - just drop it in your digital backpack. You'll never lose a report and you won't have to use the age old excuse of the dog eating your homework ever again!
The Dashboard is where it all comes together: every member can build his or her own notice billboard in sCool. Here you can integrate content from all over the community: from blogs, wikis, forums, share-a-thought pages, your own classroom and so on.
Children get control over their own dashboard: they decide on what content they want to follow and who is interesting enough to be updated on. It can even show all of their calendars, so they never lose track of their planning.
Chat messages - we all use them and kids love them. Our Messenger tool gives sCool-children the opportunity to talk to whoever they like, in either 1-on-1 or group chat conversations. Staying in touch without having all of your classmates reading your messages has never been easier.
In your real classroom, the walls are probably covered with pictures and information on projects. In sCool, you can do the same. With our Pages tool, you can co-create cool project walls with your classmates, on any theme you wish. Do you want to work together on a wall about energy, or even about social media? Go for it!
At sCool, we believe in a free flow of knowledge from children, to all children, parents, educators and so on.
That's why everyone has direct access to the support community, where we collect and co-create insights from our sCool kids. That's how we can constantly keep learning from each other: through sharing tips on new ICT-tools, games, social media and much more.

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